Welcome to our travel blog. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we like writing about them. Sit back because the journey has just started…….



  1. Hey Barbie Doll and Dave……So glad you are over your maladies and lets hope health serves you well ! Love you!!! Loving your adventure!!!! Where do I post privately on this blog? Life is good for me! Best summer weather hereas I am sure you have heard! Love to you both!!!!


    1. Hey Annie….love right back at ya. Nice to hear from you. So happy to hear you’re enjoying your summer. I don’t think you can post a private message on this blog. But you can email us or PM me on FB. That all works.
      Yes, we’re up and running again. My sister is coming to Bali in Sept for a months visit. We’re really pumped about that.
      Sweet dreams my sweet❤️
      With love D&B


  2. Awesome……so proud of you both. Sweet that your sis is going to visit. Love you tons and more!!!! Me i am leaning towards BC…..more later! Hugs and love!!!


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