Update from Sikanoukville

Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville city beach

We have just finished celebrating our second New Year for 2017, the first was our the traditional New Years on Jan 1st, the second Chinese New Year on Jan 28th. Last year we were in Vietnam for Tet (what the Vietnamese call Chinese New Year). The Vietnamese and the Cambodian have two completely different ways of celebrating this holiday. In Nha Trang, Vietnam (where we were last year) they pulled out all the stops, as in decorations and planned events. Nha Trang was very active and people came from all over to celebrate. In Sihanoukville, Cambodia there were a couple of business with decorations and no planned events. I think this Cambodian girl I met one night summed it up. She said, “It’s Chinese New Years……and we Cambodian’s get drunk!!!!” She repeated this over and over to me and every time she said, “and we Cambodian’s get drunk” she hit my arm. I think, she was living up to her statement even through it was only around 7:30pm. I was finely able to shake her after a few hits to the arm.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks here in Snooky.

Unlike the Vietnamese people the Cambodian’s like to come to the beach and party. Snooky lived up to its party town reputation the last couple of weeks. There were bus loads of Chinese people who came to town but you rarely see them on the beach or walking around town. They come in a group tour and they stick to the tour activities. The Cambodian government has allowed the Chinese to build their own hotels and casinos. The business people that we have talked to say that the Chinese tourists aren’t helping the local economy because they pay for everything in China and the money stays in China……

We have settled into a daily routine here in Snooky. We walk to the local market a few times a week and buy our fruits and veggies. Other days we spend exploring the area and some days (not many) we stay home. Cambodia has been good to us health wise. I had a head cold that lasted over Christmas but other than that we’ve been very healthy.

We have developed a love/hate relationship with Snooky. We just simply love the beaches,  the clean clear water is fantastic for swimming, the islands are gorgeous, the boat trips, the long walks on the beaches, all the crazy people are interesting in their own way, even the normal people are a nice change from the crazies, there are a lot of incredible restaurants, the sunsets over the ocean are magnificent, the weather has been wonderful, we love the tuk tuk rides, we find the prices reasonable for most things and the list goes on. The hate part of the relationship is the garbage they let pile up both in town and on the beach here in Snooky, a few hawkers (but nothing compared to Vietnam or Bali), no traffic control or parking control (but again much easier than Vietnam or Bali). As you can see the good has out ruled the bad. Once you get a handle on Snooky it can be a lot of fun.

We went on a 3 island boat tour (the pictures are above). It has been one of our best priced tours so far. The tour included breakfast, lunch, a bottle of water or pop, 2 snorkeling drops, and diving on the cliff and it cost us $10 US each. What a deal….. I’m not sure why he sold it to us of $10 the trip is usual $15…..oh well, not complaining it’s nice to get a deal here and there.

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