Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

We had a short stop over, for a week, in KL (Kuala Lumper), Malaysia. We had been to Malaysia several years ago but not to KL. We love this city. We found it easy to get around after being in Vietnam. Yes, the traffic is just as crazy as anywhere but there are stop lights and pedestrian overhead walkways. There aren’t any motorbikes parked on the sidewalks or driving on the sidewalk. The traffic as a whole was very polite. They would stop to let you cross the street. The people were very polite as well. If you were looking at a map or just looking lost they would ask to help you.

Our main goal in KL is to obtain a 2 month visa for Indonesia. Visa’s in this part of the world are tricky to figure out at the best of times. They are always changing so the information that you gather is usually incorrect. Our information told us if we obtain a 2 month visa outside of Indonesia we could have it extended twice so we could stay for 6 months without leaving the country. This turned out to be sorta true. We can stay the 6 months but our visa has to be extended 4 times. It worked out and we were able to hire an agent to do this for us. We had to go to the immigration office once with the agent for photos and finger prints and she is able to do the rest leaving us free to travel around and not worry about the visa side of things.

It’s all in who you know and pay with immigration. The agent we found has a friend in the immigration office and can get things done quickly. I’m sure it’s the same in many parts of the world. When we were in the immigration office, I saw agents there with 25 or more applications to be processed. These agents make good money for this part of the world, when you consider in Indonesia the average wage is $1.50 per hour.

While we were in KL we did some sight seeing. We got to see quite a bit in the week we were there. One of our favourite things about Malaysia is the mix of cultures. There is Chinatown, Little India, an Arab area, and Malays themself. I’m sure I’ve missed a few but you get the idea. The food is wonderful. One of David’s favourite foods is Indian curry. He could eat it everyday for years and not complain. So he was in food heaven.

 Little India
Little India

One thing we did notice  coming from Vietnam where beer was the same price as water (cheap), is booze prices were high. Malaysia being mainly Muslim has a heavy sin tax on alcohol. It’s the same in Bali. I was told before we came here that Asia doesn’t have good wine. Well that was the case in Vietnam. I bought a bottle of wine and had to throw it down the kitchen drain. I didn’t bother trying any wine in Malaysia. At the airport you were looking at $40 to $50 for a cheap French or Australian wine. Too rich for my blood.

One day we took the Hop On Hop Off bus around KL. The bus does a 24 stop route and you can Hop On or Hop Off. We had a fantastic day Hopping On and Hopping Off the bus. We saw most of the major sights that day. It’s a beautiful city with great parks and a unique mix of modern, Islamic, Malay and colonial architecture.

KL Hop On Hop Off Route
Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Little India
The Petronas Twin Towers
KL Skyline
KL Skyline from Orchid Gardens
Little India
Little India
The Petronas Twin TowersThe
A street scene The Colonial District
Caught in the rain 

We had a wonderful time discovering KL. It’s a fantastic city and well worth a visit if you go to Malaysia. We had a great centrally located hotel at Pudu Sentral. It was an easy to walk to everywhere we needed to go. We did the Hop On Hop Off to see more. We were on the 12th floor and every evening the KL Tower would light up and we would have a light show every half hour for 10 minutes. It was delightful.

That’s it for Malaysia this time. We will be back to see you again. A life dream is coming true……we’re off to Bali……sweet❤️


  1. Sounds like it’s turning into an amazing trip. Looks very ‘modern’. I love the ‘hop on hop off’ busses. They have them in Vancouver now & I plan to try one some day just to see what I’ve been missing. P & A are moving into their New Westminster condo on the 25th & their carefully detailed plans regarding renovating were thrown off track immediately when the first contractor started 2 days late. After sweltering to the point of feeling sick last weekend we’re getting showers(need them) & it’s so cold we’ve been turning the heat on.
    Keep on posting!
    Love, V & B


    1. Yes, it is a fantastic trip and more to go. The 1st part of my Bali blog will be posted soon. The net here is off and on so we’ll see how it goes. We’ve been in Bali for a month now and will be in Indonesia for another 5 months. My sister is coming to visit us in Sept for a month. That will fun touring around with her. We’re thinking of going to Java for our last month here. We’re meeting a lot of nice and interesting people. There are a lot of women traveling on their own in Bali.

      We’ll going to Lombok in a week and from there to a couple smaller islands that don’t have any cars or motorbikes. They get around on foot or horse and carriage.

      There is tons to see and different places to go in Indonesia but you can only stay for 6 months and then you have to leave the country cuz of visa reasons. So in Mid Nov we’ll be leaving Indonesia but we will return again. We love it here. Plus we want to see other countries as well like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, maybe India etc…..

      Did P&A buy the condo? I would think so since they’re planning renovations.


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