From China Beach to Cua Dai

And you thought I forgot the beach pictures…….

In central Vietnam there is a 30K golden sand unbroken beach that runs from Da Nang south to Cua Dai. This is where 2 beach bums can get lost for a bit…’s good for the soul.

The overdevelopment and a typoon wiped out Cua Dai  Beach in Jan 2014. It still has a few 5 star resorts but some of the hotels have been abandoned. So eventually it will all be torn down and rebuilt. That’s the Vietnamese style. They don’t re-store very often. One of the reasons is because the material they use just doesn’t last that long.

We rented a motorbike and went to An Bang Beach and Cua Dai beach when we were staying in Hoi An. We also walked there several times during our stay in An Bang Beach.

Pics of Cua Dai Beach.

The next beach going north was the beach was stayed at, An Bang Beach. It’s a quaint little fishing village. This is for those of you that enjoy basket boats as much as I do.


More pics of An Bang Beach and village.

This pics are of a development that is going up about 2K north of An Bang Beach.

We rented another motorbike and drove north to Da Nang. You will hear more about Da Nang in a few weeks. We will be heading there tomorrow by train from Hue.

Next blog in a few weeks…..Hue Vietnam.

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