Nha Trang

Petty flowers

We are now in Nha Trang VN. We arrived here on Jan 18th, 2016. We stayed in a hotel for our first 5 night. Then we got a “Serviced Apartment” for a month. The apartment is new and it’s very easy to live in.  We can have our coffee and breakfast in the morning and don’t have to rush out. It’s in a very tourist area with everything you would need around it and 2 blocks from the beach.

“Serviced Apartment” means they clean it and change the bedding once a week. They will change your towels when ever you request. You just ask them for anything and most of the time they will provide it. Very similar to a hotel. But we have a small kitchen.

The cost (for you that are interested) is $500 American a month. In Nha Trang things are more expensive and it is high season for them. I’m sure we could have found something cheaper but most apartments were booked. It was our first time looking for an apartment. We’ll get to know the ropes.

Nha Trang is a very busy city. It has a population of around half a million people. Everybody drives small motorcycles. The traffic is just crazy. There is no traffic control and crossing the street is a major event. I’m not finding it easy to get around in and will be happy to move to a smaller place. I’m not as steady on my feet as I use to be (the treatments took their toll). David has no problem getting around. We have a system for crossing the street. I hold on to David’s arm and off we go weaving through the traffic. If left on my own I get confused which confuses the drives and it not a pretty scene. So David helps me along and we get by.

Nha Trang is full of Russian tourists. 95% of the signage, in this area, is in Russian. Many of the locals working in the area speak some Russian. There are a lot of Russians working here as well. It’s very different for us. The only place we’ve been like this is in Turkey where we were in a German area years ago. It makes it more colourful.

We are just finishing up Tet (Lunar New Years – commonly known Chinese New Years) here in Nha Trang. In Vietnam they have a 7 day holiday. The beach has been a very interesting place this last week. There has been bus loads of the native people that have come down from the mountains to the beach. Vietnam has 30 or 40 native tribes living up in the mountains. They are unusually small people. It must be a yearly event for them because they come dressed to the nines. Not in their tribal dress but in western fashion. They have on tight jeans, jackets, sneakers and some girls wear high heels. Most of them are teens and they are here to show off their fashion style. The babies are dressed in little furry colourful coats with colourful little toques.

It makes the beach more interesting and very colourful. Different groups came everyday of Tet week. Most of them didn’t have bathing suits so they swam fully clothed, hats, jackets and all. Here are some pictures. Looking at these pictures you wouldn’t think it was 30C.


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