Here we are…..

It was a whirlwind fall 2015 for us. Somedays it felt that Jan 2016 would never come and somedays time flew by.. The hardest part was saying goodbye to our family and friends. We hope that they will visit and I’m sure we will return to Canada for a visit. The hardest was saying goodbye to my sweet sister who I miss dearly. We email each other daily which helps. She was my angel throughout all my treatments. For close to 2 yrs she carted me back and forth to the hospital. I will always remember her kindness throughout my sickness. The world is a better place with Ruth Ann Riddoch in it. Thank you sister. I love you dearly.

We left Toronto ON on Jan 13th, 2016 on my brother George’s birthday. We flew to Abbotsford BC to visit with family. It was a short but sweet visit. We met our nephew Iain Parkes for the first time and his Mom Aya. He’s a very cute 3 year old that has stole everybody’s heart. He so badly wanted to come on the plane with us. So maybe we will be seeing Patrik, Aya and Iain soon……

Jan 17th, 2016 we landed in Ho Chi Minh City at 10 pm. We had made a mistake when we applied for our Vietnam Visa. We had asked for 3 mos starting Jan 18th, 2016. So we went to the customs pretending not to notice. Of course the customers man noticed and mentioned it. He said we would have to wait for the 2 hrs for it to turn midnight. David asked him what we could do about it. He said, “I help you – you help me.” So for the first time in all our travels we paid the bribe. David put a 20 American in my passport and passed it back to him and he stamped our passports. Within the hour we were checked into our hotel and got some well needed sleep.

We flew to Nha Trang the next day. I had made things easy for us and got our hotel to pick us up at the airport. For the first time we walked out and our taxi driver was standing there with a sign that said “Barb and Dave Huziak”. We hopped in the cab and we were on our way in to our dream…….or not. I had caught a head cold in Vancouver and was feeling sick. My head cold turned in the flu. After a couple of days I was feeling a bit better and we took a day trip to Doc Let Beach (more about that later).


Iain Parkes
Iain Parkes
The group  shot
The group shot
Aya & Iain
Aya & Iain
Patrik Parkes
Patrik Parkes









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