Getting Started

I know everybody has different ways of getting started on their travels and here’s how we did it.

I’ll have to start back in Jan 2011 I found out I had a Glomus Jugular Tumour. Little did I know my life was about to change forever. Within a year the left side of my face was paralyzed. The tumour had moved and had pinched the nerves on the left side of my face. Over the next 10 mouths of going to different Doctors it was decided that operating would be risky and I should go for radiation. If the tumour was left on it’s own if would grow or move and paralize the left side of my body. Sept 2014 I started radiation for 5 weeks. My body didn’t like the radiation and within a few days I was very sick.

Fast forward to Dec 2014 my 96 year old father passed away the day before my 57th birthday. My family was very understanding and said if I was unable to attend the funeral services everybody would understand. I took my meds (mabye more then I usually took) and attended the visitations and the services. That Christmas life was a blurr to me. I went through the motions but was too sick to enjoy much of the activities going on around me.tigo

In Jan 2015 I had eye surgery on my left eye. When my face was paralyzed my left eye lost all it’s functions. The lid wouldn’t blink and the bottom of my eye drooped severely. They told me I needed surgery to save my eye. The surgery was a great improvement and with the help of a gold weight being inserted in the eyelid the eye would blick. The surgeron pulled the bottom lid up to redused the drooping. It’s been just over a year now and the eye has healed and is working well.

Life had another curve to throw me. In Feb 2015 I went back to work. This was not an easy task. I still had severe side affects for the radiation to the left side of my head where the tumour is. I had vertigo, uncontrollable headaches, no hearing in my left ear and my eye teared continuously so my vision was impaired. In March 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

To be continue……..

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