Dog Walking. Say What?

I worked for 7 weeks and was unable to meet the daily requirements of my job. The company gave me a 7 month leave-of-absent without pay.

I had to deal with my breast cancer. I needed surgery and a second round of radiation. I have to say doing radiation again was not something I wanted to do. Some people just breeze through radiation and some people, like me, get very sick from it. I was starting to feel better and I was about to get put through the wringer again.

In the mean time David’s job was running a muck. In 1997 David had a herniated disc. He went to western doctors and natural doctors and basically he exercised himself back to health. It took him a couple of years but he was able to go back working at his trade. He was a natural gas technical and was able to do inspection and light work. He wasn’t able to do the heavy physical work anymore. Right around the same time as my first radiation treatments started the bosses changed the work and the men had to start doing heavy physical work. David was now having a hard time doing his job. He didn’t say much to me at that time because I was so sick from the radiation treatments.

Aug 2015 I finish my second bout of radiation and I had had my surgery. I decided to help our niece with her new business of dog walking and boarding. I wasn’t able to do it on my own so I recruited David to help me. From Sept 2015 to the first of Jan 2016 we had a lot of fun dog boarding and walking. We got to learn about the different dogs and fell in love with a few.

Sept to Dec 2015 we sold and gave away all of our belongings. We told our family and friends that we were moving to SE Asia. Our lifetime dream was coming true. We are about 5 years earlier then when we thought we could move to SE Asia. I think I have learnt that when life throws you a curve ball learn to catch it and run with it.

Jan 2016 our dream of a lifetime has come true. We are now in SE Asia and plan on spending the rest of our lives here. Things have away of changing but we’ll enjoy our travels while can.

A plug for our nieces business;

On Facebook;  Waddles and Wags Dog Walking & Boarding    Mississauga, ON., Canada




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